Atlantic View mural


This wall mural depicts Lawrencetown Beach, Halifax County, Nova Scotia circa 1850.
It is at Atlantic View Elementary School in Lawrencetown. It was painted by the grade 6 class of 1997. They studied the early days of Nova Scotia and learned about the indigenous peoples and settlers of the area. They then expressed what they learned in drawings which were used to design the mural.
The mural is 7.5 ft.high by 20 ft. in length and is in the foyer of the school.



To celebrate the upcoming 250th birthday of the town of Lawrencetown, an historic diorama was created. It represents the immediate area around where Atlantic View School is now in the mid 1800's. The grades 6 and 4/5 classes worked on the construction, creation and painting of this display. The birch and maple cabinet is 8 ft. in length by 5 ft. high by 1.5 ft. deep. The buildings, people, animals and scenery were designed using historical photographs and descriptions of the area.

 Atlantic View diorama


 This detail is from the right-hand side of the diorama.








Below is the left-hand side as well as a close view of the fishing-shed area.
The apple orchard is in the spot where the school sits today.

 diorama 1


 diorama 2 diorama 3

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