student art show



The teen classes studied many different art movements and artists, creating artworks in the various styles.

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Expressionism Studies
oil pastels





acrylic on canvas



self portraits

Self-Portraits in different styles and media
acrylics, torn-paper collage, pen and ink, photo-collage




van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portraits
acrylic on canvas






Georgia O'Keefe Paintings
acrylic on canvas







Roy Litchenstein Self-Portraits
acrylic on canvas





3D art

3 D Painting Studies
acrylic and plaster strips on canvas






art parody

Art Parody Paintings
acrylic on canvas





linocut prints

Linocut Block and Dry-Point Etching Prints on rice paper





native art

Native Art
Ojibwe Spirit Painting and Haida Wood Carvings





hands 1


  Self-Portrait Hands

The teens cast their hands in plaster and then painted them in acrylics. They studied Mexican Symbolism and then chose symbols and colours to express themselves.



  hands 2





 Assemblage Art Self-Portrait Books

The teens began with a hollowed out book and built a self-portrait through collaging their past on the outside and their future on the inside.


books 1




books 3



books 2


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 Gallery Two

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