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medieval art

Medieval Art

paintings on canvas and black plainfield, block print on tissue paper collage



book covers

Medieval Book Covers
mixed media





book of hours

Duc de Berry's Book of Hours
coloured pencil




illuminated letters

Illuminated Letters
block print, watercolour and ink



illum letters

Illuminated Letters
watercolour and ink



gates of paradise

Ghibertti's Gates of Paradise

 gates names



Renaissance Altar Paintings
tempera with gold paper



Renaissance Altar TriptychPaintings
acylic with gold paper


 The students studied colour theory and then applied it to Still Life studies.

 colour theory

Colour Theory
colour wheels, colour mixing, tones, shades and tints


still life

Still Life studies
tissue paper collage with acrylics




These are masks from the March Break Workshops



Gallery One

 Gallery Three

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