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In June of 2009 the students of Seaforth Studio held an art show
in the St. James Church Hall in Seaforth. The show displayed a range of artwork
from two to three years of classes and from students aged 6 through Teen.

All images are the property of Seaforth Studio and may only be copied with permission.

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The younger students explored Western Art History beginning with the Cave Art of Lascaux, France
and journeyed through Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Medieval and the art of the Renaissance.


 cave art wall

Cave Art Wall Paintings


clare gilbert cave art

Cave Art - Clare Gilbert
tissue paper collage and tempera paint


 egyptian paintings

Egyptian Tomb Wall Paintings
tempera on plainfield


Egyptian - Chris C

Egyptian Tomb Wall Carving - Chris Conrad
carved and painted plaster



Egyptian - Ross G

Egyptian Tomb Wall Carving - Ross Grabman
carved and painted plaster


cylinder seal

Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal Print
block print with tubular "block" for printing


persian prints

Mesopotamian Designs
block prints



Greek Tiles

Greek Tiles - Chris Conrad and Ross Grabman
ceramic tiles with black glaze



Greek Bowls

Greek Bowls
painted paper maché



Gallery Two

 Gallery Three

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