The students looked through various art books and chose paintings to base their studies on.
They began with primed canvas, built up certain areas in plaster and then painted with acrylics.


3d jessica q

Franz Marc
study by Jessica Quann, age 13




3d brett g

René Magritte
study by Brett Gallupe, age 15



3d natalie

Jim Dine
study by Natalie Horne, age 14



3d chris c

René Magritte
study by Chris Conrad, age 14




3d jessica c

study by Jessica Comeau, age 15



3d robert

Salvadore Dali
study by Robert Kinsman, age 17



3d ashley l

study by Ashley Laurence, age16



3d kayla m

Carel Fabritius
study by Kayla Maurice, age 15




3d brandon

René Magritte
study by Brandon Cress, age 15



3d aida

Piet Mondrian
study by Aida Anderson, age 15



3d grace

Kurt Schwitters
study by Grace MacMillan, age 17